Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Some new plugs we've made lately:

1 1/2" olivewood eyelets with big Mayan-style front flares:

1 5/8" Mexican ebony eyelets with concentric circle concaves:

1 1/2" ebony with chechen inlays:

11/16" Afzelia burl DF's:

1/2" Olivewood DF's:

1 1/16" by 13/16" olivewood labret with a snowflake obsidian inlay:

Friday, November 9, 2007

Helix-conch industrial

Helix-conch industrial
Originally uploaded by Aestheticsbodymod
14g 1 3/4" titanium barbell -- something slightly different than the "standard" industrial.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

10-27-07 suspension event

Thanks to everyone who turned out for our October suspension event! The event went smoothly and it seems like everyone definitely enjoyed themselves. Here are some clips of the event -- more photos are on our flickr account.

Ryan's 2pt suicide:

Charlie's 4pt suicide:

Melissa's 4pt suicide:

Jordan's 4pt suicide:

Joe's 4pt suicide:

Abbey's 6pt suicide:


We look forward to our next event at the end of November. If you're intersted in attending one of our events, or doing a private suspension, feel free to contact us at aestheticsbodymodification at gmail dot com

Big labrets

Marea has been making a lot of big labrets lately. They're definitely something we really enjoy making here at Aesthetics because they totally embody custom jewelry. Back shapes, oval shapes, etc. all have to be fit to the individual person.

Here's a 13.5mm oval labret out of olivewood. This client prefers and top and bottom flare, as opposed to the usual no flare on the bottom and slight flare on the top:

This one for me (Alan) is also olivewood. 3/4" by 1" oval with a brass off-center inlay:

This one is a huge 1 1/16" ebony oval labret: